Friday, June 09, 2006

o level cert

1st attempt: FAILED!! the sch was closed due to the upcoming elctions
2nd attempt: FAILED!! got turned away because i didn't return a library book
3rd attempt: SUCCESS!! i got my o level cert!!

guess third time's a charm then.. =D

so today is friday.. the international 'play your gtr until your fingers bleeds' day.. hahahhahha ok i made tt up.. =P

today.. i am officially BROKE.. no money.. bankrupt.. i have freeking no money.. aku takde duit atau wang.. aku pon takde shillings.. i am a poor man.. i have nothing on me except the clothes on my back..

MY CAT coco has got bloodied fur uder his chin.. he's got bald patches all over his body.. it's all frm catfights.. and seafood cat food.. poor coco..
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