Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Bikes!!

I needed a new commuter/errand bike ever since my trusty piyopiyo lady bike crapped out on me. I tried ebay, but the bikes being sold were either over my budget or just plain crappy. There aren't many avenues for selling and buying secondhand goods online. Ebay Singapore has been pretty quiet, even after the closure of Singapore's Yahoo! Auctions.

Craiglist Singapore is also quiet, but I decided to try my luck there. Chanced upon an ok looking MTB. Called the guy to arrange a viewing of the bike. I was quite satisfied with it's condition. Parted with my $100 and then cycled home.
Ok cool. I got myself a sturdy commuter to cycle the MRT. After waking up today, I did my usual morning routine of bike/run/guitar forums. I was on the togoparts forum when a hot ad regarding a bike giveaway came through. Fumbled with my phone and called the guy to ask his location. He said he was in Bedok South. Just my fucking luck!! I quickly put on my shirt and scrambled out the door.

Arrived just 2 minutes ahead of an elderly couple who were also keen on the bike. I was kinda bracing myself for a spat between me and the woman who was also there for the bike, who according to the seller, she was the one who called first (but I arrived first). However, I think the sight of my hands firmly planted on the top tube and the saddle unconscienely told her that this bike already belongs me. YEAH!!
80's Italian Steel Chromoly Frame!
Here we go again....

What was that again about impulsive buying? Hahaha, first it was pedals, now it's bikes!

Nice buy though, I like the Mongoose.
Hi. Im just wondering bout ur shirts fom threadless. For example, if the total cost of shipping and the shirts is say, $32, as stated in the webpage itself, does it mean we have to pay in $32 in US currency? Or just pay $32 in sing dlrs?
Since shipping is shared with the other people who order, it would be watered down to around USD3-USD3.50 per shirt.

You pay us in SGD, according to the exchange rate.

Why don't you leave your email, so I can contact you. Or you can contact me via the spree email at
Ouh. So u mean the price they stated in the webpage upon filling up the form is already chnged to SGD?
Nope, the price stated on the Threadless website is in USD.

Use a currency converter like to give a rough estimate of how much you have to pay in SGD. Keep in mind that you would also have to add an extra 3% to the exchange rate for interbank charge.

Again, I believe it is better to contact me via or

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