Friday, December 05, 2008

RoadID M.O. / Sports and Fitness Expo

After 3 torturous days of waiting, the package finally landed on Singapore soil. I waited anxiously for the UPS guy to arrive at my doorstep. He finally came at around 3.30pm. I got to handle the uber-cool electronic signature device which looks like a swollen pda. Cool. Weighs close to 1lb. Yeah. Documents and order information Finally, the thing that we've all been waiting for! Thank you SGRunners for giving me the opportunity to lead this mass order! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There was a fitness expo that was held in-conjunction with the SCSM race pack collection. I went there this afternoon to have a peek. It's not much different than last year's expo. Same old exhibitors, with the exception of Rudy Project that is. I must have missed them last year. Oh well, I wasn't in the market for sports sunglasses back then, but I am now!

Talked for about 20 mintues to the rep regarding prescription sunglasses and the models that accept clip-ons glasses. She recommended me the Rydon, which was this super sleek half-rimmed model that looked absolutely gorgeous. After trying it on, I decided that I would be a lesser man if I went home without it. Sadly, my wallet didn't agree with me and told me to wait for next month's paycheck to arrive. Bummer. A couple of TIMEX watches on display. I was disappointed that the two models in the foreground lacked lap memory. I would have flipped my Polar RS200 in a heartbeat if those watches had that feature. The sexy bikes on display. This made the whole trip worthwhile.
What are the tags for? Will alpha dudes forget their own details and particulars after 16 hours of muscle and tissue ripping?
Anything can happen to alpha dudes and dudettes while they're ripping throats and moving mountains.

RoadID is the voice of the alphas when they become unconscious or unable to speak in the event of an accident.
OH! NOW I UNDERSTAND! Wait, alphas can get into an event of an accident? Or are they the cause of that accidental throat rippage? Hmm hmm.

Don't try to hide the fact that 90% of all accidents in Singapore are caused by the accidental swinging of alpha, boulder arms into people's faces when they're warming up.
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