Monday, March 12, 2007


my second home for the last four days.

there wasnt the politics and backstabbing while i was in 7-11. there wasnt the tiresome afternoons and lonesome train and bus rides while i was with 141 headcount doing mystery shopping. there wasnt the monotonous and repetitive shit while i was working with in some factory. those jobs were a joke compared to this one. i had found my PERFECT occupation.

11 hours everyday at the booth for the past four days. 11 hours of non-stop chatter and pursuasion. 11 hours of jokes with colleagues. 11 hours of customers asking for extended discounts and having to disappoint them. 11 hours of hair wax and hair spray on my head. 11 hours of looking at the two hot babes at the ipod store in front of me. 11 hours of fun.

1. a customer approaches me.
2. i sweet talk him/her into buying the product.
3. i write the order form.
4. i accompany him/her to the cashier.
5.i look at my watch.
6. wow. 20 minutes gone.
7. next customer.
8. repeat all above.
it seems boring in text, but every customer is different. different attitudes, different ways to let their guard down. different methods of penetration. it's like football, no two matches will be the same. i've enjoyed every moment of conversation with these strangers, it's like you can let yourself loose around them, yet not feel ashamed of anything because 18 minutes later, they won't remember who you are. i had soo much fun these past four days. i wish it could last a little longer. i cant wait for the next IT fair.

ouh yea.. thanks ESTHER for coming down on the first day to see me (even though your original intention is to buy ipod cover tt day) =) and SALIHIN for turning up on the last day (sorry couldnt layan you tt much, was busy with customers from nigeria) =)

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