Friday, March 16, 2007

kaki king

ain't she adorable? she is to me. there's this unique shyness in her smile that makes me so attracted to her. she would be the girl you always see sitting all alone at the back of the lecture theatre, munching on bread and apple. she's got this air of innocence surrounding her. you wouldn't have guessed that this hot chick plays guitar. and not in the traditional style. she uses the guitar as a precussion tool and combines that with tapping and slap-and-pop styles. she's such a wonder to watch live. i remember my first encounter with her. i was browsing thru a guitar magazine in some library, then i encountered an article about NAMM (some guitar festival in the states). there was this small sidenote about Kaki King and they have a picture of her live, her hands were over the guitar neck and she seemed to be playing it like a piano. or something similar.. i didnt really bother reading about it, coz i was too buzy laughing at her name. c'mon.. KAKI!! wtf!.. well that was more than a year back. that was until two days ago. i stumbled upon this thread on about her, and there was a link to her video on youtube (they have everything anyways). being too bored looking at other people's expensive pedalboards, i decided to open the vid. wow. omg. fuhyo. wow. i was totally blown away. like woah. like totally swept me of my feet. the vid was titled 'playing with pink noise'. it was 3 minutes of nothing that i have ever seen b4. (sure i had seen nathan montgomery's 'blues for tuck' before, he had similar if not the same technique. but that was by a guy, this was by a WOMAN) amazing talent.

i plan to buy all her albums. i hope HMV stocks them. and i hope their prices are below $25. (wanted to get mark lanegan's 'bubblegum' there, but i was put off at the price tag; $45, for ONE cd) if they dont have, then there's always roxy.. hur hur hur.. i cnt wait for my pay to come.. faster lah.. yummy.. ouh yea.. did i mention that she's lesbian? =)

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