Monday, March 05, 2007


i carry this huge 7kg board over my shoulders for two days every week. i come out of the house, i bang at people in the coffeeshop. i take 222 to the mrt. i almost knock down an innocent lady. i go thru the ticket gantry, security would bring me one side and check the bag. i tell them 'guitar pedals, no bomb here', with a cheeky smile of course. i alight at bugis, i have to wait for the asses to pass thru the big gantry on the opposite side b4 i can go thru. i walk 200m to the jamming studio. jeng jeng jeng for 2 hours. pack up. go zam zam eat. have to park the 7kg crap against the wall all the way at the back of the restaurant. eat eat talk talk joke joke. one hour gone. walk to bugis mrt again. same problems again. then i walk home from bedok mrt because i wanna save my cash. i go home exhausted. the only thing i wanna do next is sleep.
relationships are like making pancakes, you fuck up the first one, but with every subsequent one you get better with it.
here's what i've learnt during my affair with tiara, and what i'm gonna do if another pancake, i mean girl comes along:
1. once a girl asks for space, it's time to break it off. she doesnt love you anymore. period.
2. sexual acts every weekend is unhealthy for the soul
3. listen to what frens have to say, and heed their advice, they know wat's good for you
4. dont get her anything expensive, she will not appreaciate it
5. dont make for her anything, she will not appreaciate it
6. be wary of a women's persuasive powers, and do not fall for their tricks
7. women with roving eyes are not worthy of your attention
8. trust is important, but ignorance is often the way to go
9. karma bites the hardest when it comes to relationships, you fool around with dhaifina, she'll fool around with another fucktard
10. no girl can beat the company of my buddies

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