Tuesday, May 02, 2006

was i late?

holy shit!! 7am!! late!!! i quickly bathe and do all the common morning routines and when out looking like a clown on a skateboard.. one short bus ride and then aboard the mrt choo-choo train and i have already reached campus..

i was the door of the T12625.. then a thought came to my mind.. is the day today monday? FUCK!!! today's fucking tuesday!! lesson starts at 1pm!! stupid stupid.. argh shit happens.. my memory is being warped by a foreign being, help me!! so i'm sitting in T15 all by my lonesome self, doing some revision and a little bit of people-watching.. i've noticed that people get intimidated when they are stared at.. which leads to only one conclusion: people are insecure about how they look.. or... it could be that they feel that a would-be pervert is eyeing them.. either way.. it makes no sense.. people should be proud that people are paying attention, at least to a a certain extent, to them... then maybe staring incidents leading to gangster nonsense would finally end..

just a couple of hours away until my lesson starts.. i hope my laptop battery life can take it.. laptop battery life is soo pathetic..
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