Friday, May 26, 2006

acoustic essentials

so i visited the icu-ed classmate 4 days ago.. he was a mess.. but he looks like he's in a stable condition, though his sis told me that his condition was "critical".. the icu-ed classmate went for operation 3 days ago.. 1B/22 wishes him health and prays for his speedy recovery.. i tink we're gonna visit him tmr.. that is if esther or nas gives me a call.. sgh damn far sia..

todae i ate more than what i shld have eaten in a day.. it's good to be a fat fuck sometimes =D

i nvr really appreaciated the tings u do.. i couldn't care less.. but now with all the dwindling health problems and the sudden changes in character, i cannot help but be suspicious.. are u hinding something frm me? are u gonna wait for the final moments till u finally reveal it to me? or are u keeping all this frm me so that i wouldn't be burdened more than i already have been? or are u afraid to tell? are u embaressed in front of me? or am i just not open enough? do u tink i won't have the heart to take it? i dunno so plz tell..

i tink i'm gonna sell of my whole music cd collection.. all 105 of them.. i tink i can make like $2 frm each cd, which would total up to be $210.. KA-CHING!! hahahahaha.. then i'll be one step closer to that epiphone les paul.. =P
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