Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PAP rally

it takes coffeeshop full of charisma to be a member of parliment.. seeing yatiman yusof on the podium, rallying all the attendees together to support the PAP, i cannot help thinking that behind this arragont facade, lies a very humble and homely person, who knows where his roots are (wherever it may be..).. i know this from personal experience.. during junyuan sec's speech day, he was bestowed the honour of V.I.P. during his entrance, the audience would stand up in applause.. as he was making his way towards his seat, he passed by a malay man.. mr. yusof stuck out his hand forward without hesitation and proceded to 'salam' (greet) the man.. it may seem like a very small gesture.. but such humble acts are extremely rare in today's society.. and i am glad that people like him still do exist today, although their populations are minute..

i found the havanian slippers.. but they were many sizes to small.. argh.. and i'm $30 poorer tks to a stupid rule that fines students for wearing slippers to sch.. argh.. i must sell things on ebay.. get me some dough to buy some clothes.. or cigarettes.. NO!! no more cigarettes.. i'll ask them from nas, yusof (not yatiman yusof lah..) and tim.. hahahaha i'll save money like that.. =P
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