Thursday, May 11, 2006

malas arh!!!

peeple took cover behind each other.. some cowered and retreated to the back cabins of the train.. some just took it head on, however, they knew that they are not gonna come out alive.. all their defensive tactics would soon be futile.. for the BODY ODOUR division trounced all their defences macam anak kambing.. we showed no mercy.. yusof and kamal gave them no chance.. if illyas were join us in the train, i tink there would be more casualties.. hahahah.. yay.. words of advice: if u play soccer, after that plz dont ride the mrt.. or people would start fainting before your very eyes.. =D

i am very worried abt the SP guitarist audition.. although i was better than the guy beside me (he played green day's time of your life).. i'm still scared.. although i got a loud appaulse.. i'm STILL scared!! it's not gloating or anything.. but they were alot of people.. scared lah!!! wat if i cnt join?? wat if they reject me?? it's the end for me.. i want this cca really bad..

there's a ghost on the mrt train!!
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