Sunday, May 07, 2006

saturday afternoon..

started my day veri early.. at 4am.. after another 13-hour sleep marathon.. it's crazy here.. i get ample rest yet i'm still tired.. i dunno wat is happening to me!! i went online.. chat abit.. then go to sleep back.. woke up at ard noon.. went online again.. i didnt study as i promised, but who cares anyway.. not me anyway.. so fnd and yus came by at 7pm.. we play guitar.. and some more guitar.. and a little more guitar.. not forgetting that we we not supposed to forget to play guitar.. then i played fnd's guitar.. fnd played my guitar.. i played yus' guitar.. yus played my guitar.. fnd played yus' guitar.. yus played fnd's guitar.. we played until my neighbour came to my window and ask us to shut up.. they said we were noisy.. i'll tell u wat is noisy.. 4 people playing mahjong in the middle of the nite AND their 3 kids playing soccer and badminton and dog n bone on MY corridor.. DAT's noise.. cnt stand a bunch of MALAYS playing musical instruments? then go live with LKY.. i'm sure he wouldn't mind.. elections.. yay.. PAP won most seats.. yawn.. not surprised.. they win everytime.. i'm a camera-whore.. and no it is not an activity reserved only for the handsome and beautiful.. fuckers and retards also do it too.. =D don't let me be alone with a digital camera.. or else this kind of nonsense would happen..
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