Sunday, May 14, 2006

fuck lar

problems are like gangsters.. when they come in a big group you are fucked..

urgh.. i was like chain-smoking the day before.. finished 30+ ciggies in a span of around 8 hours.. no exageration there seriouly.. i know.. it's crazy.. i cnt help it.. i'm a self mutilator when i get stressed.. not the "slit your wrist until it freeking bleeds" kind, which by the way i truly admire them for their courage, however wrong their actions mayb.. i'm more of the "fuck life, i wanna get wasted" kind and it seems to drown all my sorrows into the muddy banks of wishka..

however my head still aches a little.. my arms are twitching abit.. nope it's not parkinson's so there's no need to worry..

eric clapton is a wuss.. he betrayed blues and went into the gospel bandwagon.. wat an idiot!!
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