Thursday, September 14, 2006


my aunt went to frankfurt four years ago. she returned yesterday with an addition to the family =) a 17(?) month old thingy. i have a GERMAN cousin!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! she's malay-german. hybrids have become popular ever since keanu reeves posed with trenchcoats that inspired two teens in columbine to murder their schoolmates some time back. did i mention she's got german blood? german women are HOT. period.

whenever i think of germany, i tink of petite blood girls in their huge dresses, with a long pole humped on their shoulder, with a bucket of water hanging fromt each end. ok if you lack a certain imaginative component in your mind, think of the lady in the dutch lady milk carton. =) when i'm 34 and juggling work and family life, she'll be 17, and living the carefree life as a teen. she'll be one hell of a heartbreaker. MALAY + GERMAN = GERMALAY

i have one week of holiday remaining..
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