Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it's almost 1am. you turn your laptop off. assignments have been a bitch and it took you the whole morning, noon and night to complete it. you head for your precious little bed, tucked away at the corner of your room. you smile at it's seemingly comfortable exterior. it seems to drag you towards it with it's allure, but you hell didnt mind it doing that. just before tucking in, you search for your misplaced alarm clock, and notice that it's just beside your laptop. so you turn the dials on the clock, clockwise to adjust the time, anticlockwise to set the ring duration. you prop the clock on the desk adjacent to your bed. you look at your guitar, she sitting there all alone. you decide to play it a little before going off to bed. you put down the guitar after the alarm clock went off. you notice it's 7am.
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