Thursday, December 14, 2006


just 20 hours more to total bliss. just 1200 minutes until the confetti falls. just 72000 seconds to supreme enjoyment. coz it's the holidays babeh!! YEAH!!!!!

it's gonna be 3 weeks of voluntary mugging @ campus. and i'll have to drag nas and yusof along coz i want them in my class next year. they've been doing badly for their everything, so i hope that they would do well in the final exam; so can at least pull up a grade or two. yea, that means i'll have to drill them like shit. and i need tiara to drill me in maths; i'm having trouble taming the integration and complex number beasts. i hope wen bao is coming too. i need him to drill me in PEEE. so, i'm expecting a whole lot of drilling this hols. yay.

now's it's two jams a week. it's making me poor. sometimes i just dont see the point in jamming. cramped into a 2x2 room. barely enough room to move about in. everything's so loud it makes your ears ring afterwards (but thank god for earplugs). the shitload of junk i have to carry to each session. arms aching after everything. bleah.. but i do noe why i keep doing it. it's the probably the high i get after playing a tight number. if everyone plays well, then you'll sound good. coz even if one guy cocks up, then whole sound would be messed up. i guess the satisfaction of making it as a team makes those six dollars worth while.
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