Saturday, January 20, 2007

i heart jimi

wtf is wrong with circuit?
after swapping the places of the outputs and the ground and 5V
*yay it works!!!!!!!!*
just like that, project 2 is completed.
simplest troubleshooting i've done in my entire life.
nevertheless, me and wen bao were so elated we almost made out with each other..

i came home at 6pm. i tot of going to the stadium to do laps. then at 7.30pm, khairul called, 'kamal i'm so sori today i cnt make it coz i just realised that today is the first of muharram ho ho ho blah blah oink oink'. wait WHAT?!?!?! "cnt make it for what?' 'jamming lah' ARGH!!!! jamming totally slipped my mind. the jam is at 9pm. i bathed, got dressed and packed my gear in 1/2 hour flat. which was 1/4 of the time normally taken for me to prepare for a jam. i know, i'm amazing.

i've said this many times before, but i'll say it again, singapore poly's library is awesome. the cd collection is to die for. saw diana krall's 'live in paris' there. borrowed it. and i dont plan to return it anytime soon. hur hur hur.

my ds-2's output jack is loose. i need to replace it b4 3rd feb. i recall khairul saying he that he wants to sell his ds-2. maybe i'll borrow it frm him just for that day.
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