Saturday, January 27, 2007

it's just jazz

i miss going to s-league games with ping zhao and gang. we used to meet up at 7.30pm on fridays or saturdays at tampines stadium. tickets would cost only $1, and sometimes i gained free entry because his brother has extra complimentary tickets. we would sit two tiers above the visiting team's tunnel. it would always be at that exact same spot. except at that time we tried to sneak into the VIP section. but a retard gave our position away and this burly man approached us asking for our VIP tags. we didnt have any, so he ordered us out. and yes we then sat at that exact same spot, two tiers above the visiting team's tunnel. and i remember ouh so clearly the time tampines trashed geylang 9-0. it was so memorable. i was with ping zhao, jin chaw, kay xian, faiz, kent and one other random guy. it was such a goals galore. and around last season, they got a popcorn machine in the stadium, and the best thing about it was that it was free. one time, the auntie who was in charge of the machine went away. i unofficially took her place and started filling up popcorn for the hungry supporters. and yes i also filled my bag up with popcorn. we went away before the cranky popcorn lady returned. and yes we sat down at the same spot again, two tiers above the visiting team's tunnel. but i guess times are different now.

i miss swimming with my frens. i remember the time me and yusri thon-ed the whole night at the mac near his place, when the next morning we had already planned to swim with ping zhao and effendi. and there was this guy who was lurking around our place. we were dead scared. we thought he wanted to steal our laptops or sumthing. turned out he didnt. and when i called ping zhao that morning he was like half-dead. and i stragely recorded that telephone conversation. and i laugh everytime i hear it again. and after swimming we'd go to the mosque just beside the pool. we'd buy all the greasy food and go to the stadium nearby to eat. but i guess times are different now.

i miss playing street soccer with the guys. we used to have around 15 people coming everytime we played. now it's dwindled down to about 6. which i feel is a good thing, because there will be more playing time. the last time we played was like a month ago. and i'm only guessing it. i still remember how yusri would cower when fadzli whacks the ball at him. how everyone of my passes (well, almost, haha) would be directed at effendi. how jin chaw would blalantly refuse to pass the ball to me (and he stil does). how ping zhao takes out opponents with his slides, to which the other team would go furiously mad and he would defend himself by saying, 'hey i got the ball wat'. and how shalah would sneak on people by sitting on the walls, and when a ballcarrier passes along he would scare the fuck out of him and take the ball away. how we would laugh at hafizan at his infamous 'bicycle kick' attempts. to which he defends himself by 'dulu aku score seh pakai bicycle kick seh'. (yes we all saw that but that doesnt mean you can do it everytime) hahaha. and how we would play till the lights went out. then me, fadzli and effendi would go to the 7-11. grab a drink. maybe lepak at the playground. then fadzli and i would go home via bus or walk. yea, we walked all the way from tampines to bedok. but then, i guess times are different now.

i miss the way tiara held me. i remember the time we were at her home, i was at the computer keyboard, helping her with her blog, when she wrapped both her arms around my right arm, and leaned her head against my shoulders. or the time after the pri sch reunion movie thingy, we went to yamaha, and she dragged me into her body and we kissed next to that brown pillar. or the time at serangoon interchange, we were climbing up the ramp, she pulled my hand and i turned around, and she pecked me on the lips. and the time we held hands and skipped along orchard road in the drizzle. and everytime i tried to hold her hand, she would take her's away, and complained that mine was sweaty. i remember the first time i saw her cry because of me, yet in all her sadness, she stilled looked like the most beautiful thing i've ever laid my eyes on. i remember how we greeted each other eskimo style; rubbing our noses against the other's nose. and how she pretended to sleep on my shoulders on the way to her home (i know, because no one wakes up at their exact train stop). it all happened not so long ago. but i sincerely hope times won't be different, because she's the only thing i have now
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