Tuesday, January 16, 2007

la favola d'orfeo

i took mansur's phone with the intention of playing games (who could even blame me, the class was dead boring anyway, and the only decent eyecandy around had the back of her hair facing me, so yea). then the devil in me whispered, 'eh check out his messages lah'. so i did. the first one was from a MARY, i assumed it was his girlfriend,
"i love you sayang! will always miss you. muackxx!! gd nitez and swit dreamzZz darling! *hugs baby very titely* hehehe. muackZz!"
and then another one,
"cayang tak pegi skolah nari? U jgn malas2 ok? hehe. *a milion hugs and kisses for you* i rindu awak banyak2 :-P muackzZz!"
and another one, "Slamat pagi awak!! semoga awak akan bahagia hari ini! Miss you baby. awak tengah buat ape?"

URGH!!!! i had enuff already..

so i took hamka's phone. again, the intention was to play games. but then the devil in me blah blah blah you get the picture... this time it was from a 'I Sayang You!!!' "spyhe darling, i'll see you after school at clementi at 6pm? i can't wait to see you. Muacks."
yea another one,
"i feel so lonely without you here. i wanna see you again honey. *pecks your cheek* i love you "
want somemore?
"Gd morning syphe!! i'm sori about smalam, coz i fell asleep! hehe. I'm sooo sorri! I hope you are not angry with me darling. haha. Have a great day at school. muacks!!"


a part of me humours at their childish ways. yet a part of me is jealous of them. but i ask myself. do they really mean what they say in their smses? for all you know miss she-means-the-world-to-me-and-i-can't-live-without-her could be making out with your best fren while texting 'i miss you so much baby' to your pathetic phone. or maybe mister he's-got-such-a-sweet-smile could be having a steamy phone conversation with his ex that he told you had broken up with long ago but somehow the feelings came again, all the while texting, 'you're my one and only baby girl. love you honey' to YOU.

so from now on i shall not respond to any smses. you wanna talk? call me
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