Friday, January 05, 2007

mat mintak nombor minah

time: 1517 hours
date: 03/01/07
location: long john silvers @ bedok

Act 1
3 minahs in their tables, eating and laughing, laughing and eating. 7 mats step into the restaurant. they make alot of noise. they cram into one tiny round table. one of them orders a drink. they make alot of noise. one of them spots one the minahs and is smitten by her beauty. he tells his friends. they leave.

Act 2

they keromon outside the restaurant. one of the mats' wants one the minah's number. they ask the person circled in red to ask for the minah's number. unknown to the audience, the person circled in red is actually a girl. but she looks like a guy. she shuffles into the restaurant and goes to the minah's table. she asks for the minah's number, but the minah told her that she wants the guy to personally ask her for himself. she went out defeated.

Act 3
the girl went outside and told the guy about it. all of them were amused. they teased him for being a coward. he got depressed and was contemplating suicide. but then he remembered his lovely piyo piyo bicycle that he modified himself with all his hard earned money from working as a cargo guy in the airport.

Act 4
after 723 days outside the restaurant, the mat finally mustered enough courage to ask for the minah's. he left the place and celebrated with the fellow mats from his mathood. END
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