Saturday, January 13, 2007

mom vs. dad round 18

he raises his voice.
he is angry.
she tries to keep his temper in check.
she pursuades him to calm down.
he feels neglected.
his advices were not heeded by her.
she apologises.
he raises his emotions again.
she couldnt bottle it any longer.
she screams her lungs out.
he brings in another topic; his unemployment
he feels useless
his pride as a man, as a breadwinner, is torn apart
she slams the pot into the ceramic tile
she screams
he tells her that she is going to leave him
he knows it in his heart
she tells him that she is not afraid to do so.

all the while, their children are in their rooms, one busy prepping herself and the other recording the couple's fued on his blog. awesome life i'm leading =)
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