Thursday, May 03, 2007

home recording angst

home recording is so frustrating.

so i deleted the guitar, bass and vocal tracks from 'the hollow's' guitar pro file as i only wanted the drum track. i mixed it down into midi format, in the hope that acoustica mixcraft could support midi files. i was so wrong. it only supports mp3, wma and wav. urgh.. then i remembered i had another software, 'audacity'. surprisingly, it supports midi files. so i added the file into the track. then i tried to play it. but can't. something about the project sample rate and stuff. so i opened up guitar pro and tried to tweak the midi sample rate. the thing was sampling the midi in two channels, and i remember i read some time back that certain programs can only accept midi in mono. i changed the sampling to mono and mixed the drum track into midi again. dropped it into audacity. urgh! it still can't be played. so i decided to do without the drum backing int he whole mix. i opened up audacity in one window, guitar pro in another. all this while the crazy humming from my guitar is doing it's best to frustrate me further. so i figured i had to press record on audacity, switch windows to guitar pro, click play on the drum track, switch back to the audacity window, whack along to the drum track, and finally stop the recording. urgh so tedious, because the usual procedure would be: click record, whack on guitar, click stop.

everything went well when i laid down the first guitar part. the i went on to record the second guitar part. i used the drums in guitar pro as reference. the sound came a little off when i placed it over the first track. deleted it. recorded again. still couldnt get it the second part to sync with the first guitar part. i ditched the drums and used the first guitar part as reference instead. yay it's in sync. the i went to record the verse, no problem, till it came to aligning it after the first and second tracks. i had to add a silent portion to the verse track in the area where the first and second guitar parts were playing, there was no way of dragging the verse track to align it after the first and second guitar track. all this while the endless humming from my guitar is doing it's best to frustrate me further. urgh!! i was too frustrated and impatient. i closed audacity and opened up mixcraft. and here i am
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