Friday, May 11, 2007

repeat after me, the train is your friend.

the train can be an interesting place. so instead of plugging in your mp3 and slumbering away while you're on the train, try observing your fellow commuters instead. look at how their PSPs brought the two races closer together.. awww... i hate having old people on the train because i have to give up my seat to them. i hate old people who won't let me sit down because they can't put their fucking shopping bags on the floor instead of the adjacent seat. it seems that smrt has lifted the ban of food and drinks in trains!! i'm gonna have me a picnic soon!! 4/5 people admit to having slept on a stranger's shoulder while on the train. half admit to doing it purposely. smrt should start recruiting stewardesses to cater to the resting needs of it's commuters.
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