Wednesday, June 27, 2007

pedal = $100, pedal repairs = $80 -_-

It's ridiculous how pictures can bring back the most heart warming memories. How they can conjure up the sweetest emotions from the moments frozen in that glossy 8R. How they can tangle your feelings in it's web of nostalgia. How you'd wish you could throw away everything you own, just to be in that singular moment, however brief it may be. But that's the crazy thing about nostalgia, it always seems better in your memory. Dwell deeper, then surely you'll find a treasure trove of depression and doubt, boxed up in a nondescript package, nestled between reality and fiction.

Life is weird. Like how pianists can play well into the night and not get a single complaint, while guitarists get blown off whenever his guitar squeels past midnight. Or how guitar pedal repairs can cost as much as the guitar pedal itself. Or how there's too much rice on your plate, and never enough chicken and veggies to go around. Or how some people can eat tomatoes on it's own, uncut, unwashed, uncooked. And kiwis too. Or how you'd give your 110% against a stronger opponent but be complacent against an easy adversary. Or how you'd wish you could live life through a third person's view, so you could see that while you were chasing the elites, she was shyly admiring you from the sides, and all you had to do was to crane your neck left to acknowledge her half smile. Life is so weird.

I looked here when I needed a hearing aid services.
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