Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally got my John Bull

After almost 2 long weeks of waiting, the scrawny NS guy finally decided to take time off his busy schedule to meet up and deal the John Bull with me. Honestly, I've never taken the said pedal for a test run before, but only because the major shops here do not carry such what many consider to be 'boutique', so when I plugged it up, boy did I get a rude shock! The bass was overwhelming. Chords sound like mud. There wasnt any single note clarity even with gain knob at minimum. 'Crap' is an understatement when describing the sound this garbage excretes. After two days of testing, it still didn't yield the results that I wanted. I boxed it back up and put it up for sale on

Strangely, I had the urge to try out the John Bull again this evening. I hooked it up into the chain. Doodled some stuff. Same result. Same disappointing result. Then I unknowingly meddled with the sliders on my EQ pedal. I cut out some of the low end frequencies while leaving the mids and the highs untouched. Stomped the EQ and the John Bull on. WOAH. There was a drastic tonal change. Way less bass. The overall tone was brighter. Chords shimmered like Jennifer Love Hewitt's teeth. I heart that tone. When I switched off the John Bull, my cleans were more 'cleaner'. After turning the EQ on and off, I realised that all this while my tone had been pretty dark and boomy. The humble EQ corrected that. Just some minor tweaks on the crunchbox's and LBMP tone knob and then I'm good to go. No more room on my 'board now. I'm done. Now to save up for an epi SG..
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