Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guitar Rant

A week ago, I saw an ad for a Toadworks John Bull going for $90 on I couldn't believe my eyes! $90? Its listed at $195 on! I've never seen any pedal for sale below than 50% of it's retail value. It's gotta be spoilt. But I decided to take the chance. I pulled the trigger on it. I got him to reserve it for me until 12 August. Yesterday I pmed him again to confirm. But he didn't reply. Today I pmed agian. Still no response. I figured that he had sold it already. So I decided to move on.
Went to and spotted a Boss TU-2 for sale. $70. i figured since I'm not getting the John Bull, I'd get the pedal tuner. I arranged to deal the tuner on tuesday. Wohoo. Done deal. But it get complicated.. JENG JENG JENG!!

The guy with the John Bull smsed me saying that he didnt know that I pmed him. He had reserved the John Bull for me since last week. Aiya how seh liddat I already arranged to buy the tuner.. But do I need another tuner? And do I need another dirt unit? I already have two leh! But it wouldn't hurt to have another.. =)
stop buying pedals.
start making love.

be typical.
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