Friday, August 24, 2007

One month holiday starts today.

This week, I don't plan to run at all. I had aches in my chest area, left calf and right knee since tuesday. But nothing too serious though. I feel so restless. I need the outdoors. I need the sun. I want to have a slightly reddish tinge on my black skin.

The final installment of my 'board. Traded the muddy-as-hell John Bull for an MJM Blues Devil. Best trade I ever made. John Mayer tones? No problem for the BD. It's got that whole 'blues' vibe surrounding it. True enough, I can coax awesome OD tones from it. Amazing pedal. It retails at USD165 plus USD 20 for shipping, traded my SGD90 John Bull for it. 1 to 1 exchange. Awesome deal.

Not sure if one would call it a change of habit, but I went from using my computer mouse right handed, to using it left handed. It kinda started when I was mugging for my exams two weeks ago. All the revision and practice papers were online, so I had to download them and open them up in either pdf or ms word. So I had the pdf on my desktop, my foolscap paper under my right arm and a pen in my right hand. Problem: The pdf had to be scrolled down every other time to reveal the next question. Everytime I had to do that, I had to let go of the pen, reach for the mouse, roll it's wheel down, then I can grasp the pen back and continue. Now I'm a man of convenience. Those steps are too long-winded for me. I realised that my left hand never does anything more than fretting guitars and cleaning the shit outta my ass. So I went into the control panels and configured the mouse for left handed operation. Never looked back since.
Wah, someone become multi-tasker already, aye? =p
I looked here when I needed a hearing aid services.
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