Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still hvnt got my john bull...

I had a seriously shitty run this morning. It's one of those I-should-have-lazed-in-bed-and-fantasized-about-Tina-Fey runs that every runner gets once in awhile. Be it in the early morning or late evenings, I have always enjoyed running. This has never happened to me before, until today. I left home at 6am, planning to do 9.3km at sub 6-minutes pace, a pace that I've always done my runs at, except for LSD runs. Kept a comfortable pace for around 8 minutes. But then things went downhill after just 1km. My pace increased to 6:03 mins at the 2km. At 3km, it fluctuated to 6:24 mins. I kept at that pace for another 2km. By the 5km marker, my pace was 6:45 mins. I was totally bummed out. I didn't wanna carry on any longer. I just wanna go home and laze in bed and fantasize about Tina Fey. I forced myself for another 2.7km before finally kicking the bucket. 7.7km for today. It isn't the 9.3km that I expected. Feeling a little disappointed with myself. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

On the up-side, MCT exam today was a piece of cake. Reached school at 9am to do the test, which has a 2 hour time limit. I finished it in 40 minutes. Propped my head on the table. Sleep. Wake up. Wow, still got 30 minutes left..

After lunch, we intended to go to the library to revise on SERVO. Instead, me nas tim esther yusof mansur wenbao borrowed dvds and played them in the glass rooms on level 3. Wow, 4 hours wasted just liddat..
Don't run.
Running will make you fat.
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