Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the fuck lar..

My phone is so the chibye. It don't wanna charge. I must twist and turn and wiggle the wire, then it can charge. But today, I twist and turn and wiggle still CANNOT charge!!!

Fiona Xie came to my school on Friday for some Hey! Gorgeous thingy
This is the only pic i'm uploading. I'm gonna keep the rest to myself! Hur hur.. Whoever want my video of her (all 5 of them) just ask thru msn.

But Fiona Xie is shit compared to her..
Haruhi of Ouran High School Host Club.
Girls with flat chests: hot.
Girls with short hair: even hotter.
Girls with flat chests and short hair: sizzling

Went to Ranking today. Played a Gretsch through a Johnson Loredo tube amp that 70% of the people of SOFT are raving about. Finally got to try it today. Nice amp. I can max the treble without any fizz. The gain knob doesnt put out as much dirt as I expected. But solid amp nonetheless. But the design.. Aiyo fail arh.

so i'm not hot at all? WTH!!! HAHAHAHAHA.
WAH! yeah kamal agreed! Ahaha

Fiona Xie came to my school too mann!
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