Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random picture time

Every 15th full moon, I check my handphone's images to see the pictures that I have taken. These are the less obscene ones.

In one of SP's toilets.
7 boxes of KFC (3 not pictured) and 8 boxes of 6' pan pizza (4 not pictured)
Mommy always say never act fierce when your mouth is full.
It's rumoured that KFC's chicken is better than sex
Just 68 minutes before the gig. Pictured, Brandon and and Salihin.
Check out the bottom of the pic
18 year old teens make the best dads.
When the LT is like Snow City.
Yes, I agree.
Sialar, aku ngan rambot extreme panjang
Racist! I shall slice your balls and stuff it down your throat when I return.
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