Thursday, December 20, 2007

Of shoes, rsaf and singapore

I'm about $20 away from having enough money to buy the Mizuno Wave Precision 8. I'll be on the safe side and save more in case I see a running top that I really like. Now what to do with my Wave Rider 9 when the Precision comes in? I wonder if I could donate it to some needy runners? Then again, who would want a shoe with 900km+ mileage on it. The cushioning is probably non-existent already.

I keep thinking about what's in store for me in the year ahead. I'd figure that it's gonna be a pretty busy and hectic one. Firstly, there's gonna be the industrial attachment. That alone scares the shit out of me. New environment, new people, new skills i have to learn. Then there's the final year project. I really hope my group gets an aerospace related project. Then again, the chances of that happening are equivalent to the chances of a Malay being employed in the RSAF. You got it, ZERO.

Which brings my mind to a conversation I had with Wen Bao two months ago. I was really upset when an RSAF engineer who was the lab tech in one of my modules told us that muslims/malays couldn't be employed in the RSAF. Hell I wasn't upset, I was outraged. To think that I am denied employment just because my ass is a few shades darker than theirs? Ridiculous. So I poured this out to Wen Bao. This is what he told me, in a nutshell,

-You see, malays/muslims are a very violent society. I wouldn't want someone who has the potential to blow up himself to work beside me.
Wow, I couldn't believe my ears. To think that a S'porean could have such a view of a fellow S'porean. It was disgusting. So I barked back. No that is not true. Why are you holding all of us responsible for the rubbish things that these black sheep are doing to society? Islam does not preach violence. It is a religion of peace.

Another ridiculous reason,
-Malaysia is a Muslim nation. What if one day M'sia attack Singapore? You all (Malay/Muslim) will confirm go to the other side to help your fellow brothers there.
Wow. Ok. I regard Singapore as my home. All my immediate family members are here. All my friends are here. Everything that I have my name on is here. This is my home, and when someone attempts to destroy your home, I don't think that assisting him in doing so would seem logical to the sane mind. Sure, there's bound to be hoards of people who would run away when the nation is under attack, because in their minds, staying behind would be akin to suicide. But have they looked inside themselves and asked what the country has given them? Ah, the pessimistic majority would shamelessly holler, "Nothing but annual hikes in GST, taxes and transportation expenses. Everything increase EXCEPT our pay!" True. But had they looked around them, they would probably see more than just the superficial.

fuck I'm jumping the border.
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