Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hell, I figured I just do it.

1. Run lotsa races! Damn I have so many in mind!
-Mizuno Wave Run
-New Balance Real Run
-Saucony Passion Run
-Mount Faber Run (hopefully still have)
-World Harmony Run
-Milk Run
-Army Half-Marathon
The longest distance is going to be a half-marathon. Registration fees are gonna kill me. Probably >$100. I'm gonna hold off the marathon until 2009.

2. Be more liberal in food choices
-And probably stop counting calories in foods and during runs and exercise. I'll let myself dive into ice-cream and fast food once in awhile, without feeling guilty.

3. Get 46 CCA points
-Only on 18 now. I'm guaranteed 4 points next year because of i'm an asst class rep. Add in blood donations, misc sports torneys and sports EPs, I should be able to reach it. Hopefully.

4. Sub 10:20 for 2.4k
-I'm on a pathetic PB of 11.18. Have to shave 58 secs. Demoralising intervals here I come.

5. Cross-train more often
-I only clocked in 45 minutes of swimming for the whole of 2007. Planning to start with fortnight swims for 3-4 months, then ramp it up to weekly swims.

6. Be more hardworking in songwriting
-I've got so many sketchy verses and potential choruses that just need a little brushing up. Have to spend that little extra time every night to get things done.

7. Grow big and fuck chicks!
-Self explanatory. Hur hur hur..
I prefer chickens to chicks.
hmmm kamal...number 7 comments but i wanna kepo put comment...hehe
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