Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'll be working in a factory for 8 weeks for my ITP. Wish me luck. No wait, I don't believe in luck.

Out in that ocean of bad and cheesy pickup lines, there lies one gem:
'Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have to walk by again?"

I seriously find that so damn witty.

Girls can all die and go to hell for all I fucking care. Well, no. Only the both of them i guess.

One's a person who I can barely communicate with, yet I find her so intriguing because she's got the whole writer/poet vibe that I find so alluring. The other's a 'conversationista', whom I've never met in real life, but through msn and phone, I felt like I knew her already, however stupid that may sound. She's got the whole self-praise and sarcastic humour that I find so appealing, with also a quick wit to boot. But I always find myself (playfully) insulting her every single chance I get. Yes, it seems like I've taken an 8 year old's advice on how to court girls

I (think) I've given them enough signs/hints/shit but they're just not getting it! FUCK!
why try so hard
At least leave your name.

To answer your question, it's because I made a $200000 bet with a friend that I'll be attached before year's end. So yea, that's alot at stake =)
ISH! $200 000 bet?! Wow. You better get yourself attached soon okay. =pP
WOAAAAAAAH, $200000?
faster get a new GirlF. haha, i can be yr matchmaker! xD
relink me;
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