Saturday, February 02, 2008

Uncle Esam

Rarely in my life do I come across people who I can safely catogarize them as being legitimately 'cool'. I guess my uncle qualifies for that title.

I got a call from him at noon, asking me if I wanted to hang out with him. I actually had my whole afternoon planned out already, which was to have a 13 hour dai dee marathon at But hell, it's been so long since I've met him ever since he got a job across the causeway. So I figured, why not. Met him at Bedok MRT. I got a shock. He was a few inches shorter than I am, and he had a shitload of piercing on his face. We took the train to his friend's studio in Bugis.

But I didn't know that his friend was Nick Chan, former member of my favourite local shoegaze outfit, ASTREAL! I got a funny feeling when I shook his hand. Was starstruck for about 17 seconds until my uncle asked me to sit down. I wanted to ask him a couple of questions but apparently he was too busy layering one of Force Vomit's songs, who were also there to record. After caressing/molesting/violating the Gibsons and Fenders who had the misfortune of being in the same room as me, we went downstairs to eat. In between spoonfuls of nasi goreng, he told me stories of his relationship with my grandfather, his adventures in KL and how when he was 19 years old, at the beach in East Coast, his bandmate openly pondered and asked him 'Eh, what if one day we play at Indoor Stadium ah?', to which he and the others replied chuckles and 'Nah, it's not going to happen'. But in the end, they DID play there. I guess what he was trying to tell me is that, dreams do come true.

Rack Gear and shit. Nick Chan in white shirt.
LPs, P-bass, some jazz box, one strat.
Wall of vinyl and cds
Went back up, saw Dong of Bad Obsession slouched on the office chair. His band was jamming there. No biggie, I see alot of him at SP. His band is a blatant copy of GnR, right down to the scarf-wrapped microphone. Nick commented that they are way too many GnR bands in Singapore today. Esam and Dino just didn't like the way they dressed. I doubt anyone can hold their laughter in after hearing their barrage of insults regarding the band's sense of fashion.

Walked to Straits Records. Hung out in the dark room behind the shop, where my uncle taught me how to print t-shirts. Smoked alot. First ever since I started running. Shit, I think I ruined my set of 'fully conditioned 50+km a week' lungs. Ouh well.

The toilet wall at Straits Records.
Room in straits records
T-shirt printing
Now I present to you the stereotypical image of a 182347293 note-per-second, Singaporean guitar shredder!
ommmmmmmg! last picture, i am about 99.999999% sure he is my friend! tsk and stop advertising daidee, its unhealthy! whoa, it rhyme. haha

That last dude,he is the guy that will be the hearthrob of all girls. Yes,fo' sho'. That hair,that guitar,that mp3..just so typical. Be sure to look out for him.

Bad Obsession? haha true true.

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