Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goodbye ADS

Wednesday was my last day. The final time that I would ride my bike to tanah merah. The final time I would board the train choked full of the same M.I., Cedar Girl's and TKGS girls that I would see every 6:40am. The final time that I would alight at Bouna Vista. The final time that I would walk 30 mins to Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate.

The final time I would hear Zhang Qing's awesomely manja-ish voice that melts me every single time. The final time I would say "Wei she mo ni ken wo xiao?" to Hai Yan whenever she sheepishly smiles at me when she walked by my desk. The final time I would stop whatever I was doing when Wendy came in and just stare in awe at her fine legs which she shyly flaunts with her T-skirts. The final time Zhao Wei would attempt to teach me mandarin, which was a challenge because she doesn't speak a word of English. The final time Adam, Joshua and me would laugh at the long queue which would form at the punch card area the moment the clock struck 5:30pm, because we never understood why there was a need to rush.

Thanks for the memorable 9 weeks.

But most importantly, thanks for the 'A' for my ITP grade!!

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