Monday, April 07, 2008

It's official, I'm a tubescreamer-holic

Then again, many people are.

A little story behind my new purchase.
Now most of you would know that yahoo auctions Singapore isn't exactly the best place to source for deals on guitars and guitar-related gear. I'm not particularly sure what drove me to type 'guitar pedal' on the search box 5 days back, but I'm glad I did. A TS7 tubescreamer popped up. The price was unbelievable. Bidded on it. Won. Emailed the.. Bah.. I'm sure you know the drill. Plugged it immediately when I got home. Amazing little under rated box. Wallet damage was minute: $35.

I never really loved a clean guitar tone. I found them too one-dimensional. That was the main reason why I assigned my MJM Blues Devil as my 'always on' pedal. It gives my tone a little bit of grit and life, without venturing into OD territory. What I love about the Blues Devil is that I can use it as a solo boost just by tweaking the gain knob with my toe. It adds 'hair' without excessive colouration of the original guitar tone. Extremely dynamic to my picking nuances too. Play soft, you get a chimey sparkle. Dig hard, you get this really biting SRV-esque tone.

Now imagine all those attributes and just pump in more tone control and more gain. That's how the TS7 is. And did I mention that it is immensely stack-friendly? Blues Devil (which is essentially a TS with less mid-hump) into the TS7 is just plain godly. Now I understand the logic as to why SRV ran two TS9s in series. Crunchbox pushing the TS7 gives this thick, woolly, almost-fuzz tone which kinda reminds me of the post-chorus lick on Lunarin's 'Legeia'. I think my pedalboard is complete, well, at least for the gain section. :D

I'm eyeing a new amp. Fender Frontman anyone?

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Get the transtube from my studio.

That amp is still one hell of an amp. I'm keeping a look out for it.
The peavey bandit 112 is a little overkill for my needs. The only channel is use is the clean channel. I never touch the 'lead' channel coz I prefer the gain from my pedals.

Btw, the thing is discontinued. Best of luck finding it 2nd hand!
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