Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am a complete failure. I succumb so easily to G.A.S. I need a new hobby, or maybe a new girlfriend to blow my money on instead of buying pedals every month and then starving in school because the pedal ate away half of my month's allowance. Anyway, here it is: Second-hand Boss DD-3. Yes. Second-hand. I too was shocked to see it in such immaculate condition. There was barely a scratch on it. Kinda hard to believe that the owner had it for almost a year. Nonetheless, it quenched my G.A.S. big time. Finally, my pedalboard is complete. And to answer the question as to why I need two delays on my board, I can't give you the answer. Because-cause-cause I'm-I'm still-stll-lll search-searcing-ing-ing for-for-or it-itt-it my-myself-self-elf.

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yes, kamal. u need a new girlfriend. :D
The reason?

IS YOU! You filthy greedy pimp!!!

I want that other delay pedal..actually,right now,I have two delay pedals too,just need patch cables.
Never tell me!! What delay you have?

Don't tell me it's another boss relic that you got for $50.. Dm-2? Dm-3?

Hur hur..
Come down to my place soon? Then you can check it's really nothing much, but yeah I need those daisy chains already.

5 daisy chains are never enough hmm?

Hur hur hnnnnnnnnnngh
daisy chain up everything except the wah. Use 9v for the wah. wahs current consumption is little, unlike power hungry delay or modulations
I finally realised that you don't have your pedalcase anymore. Did you sell that?
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