Thursday, May 29, 2008


My first error. I got too engrossed with getting the PCBs done that I totally ignored the components that were needed. As I was scanning through SP's online component store, I realised that they did not stock a couple of essential items. The PT2399 required for the delay, for example, was not available. So was the JRC4558, which i kinda expected. Same goes for the VTL5C2 needed for the tremolo. But what was surprising is that they also did not have the TL072. C'mon, you gotta at least have a general purpose dual op-amp in your inventory!

If not for RS Singapore, I would have panicked like a schoolgirl who's skirt got torn off when it got stuck in the train doors while she was rushing out. RS has got the 5C2, 072 and 4558 covered. But there was still the PT2399 missing!

By the sheer stroke of luck, I hit upon a source for them. Ebay. Upon further probing I also got sources for MN3007, should we wanna build a chorus too. Ok, so now the components are covered. However, I'm not too sure whether SP would reimburse me for ebay purchases. I think I'm gonna ask our supervisor tomorrow. I need to hand in the final budget to him anyway. I'm pushing for $700-$800. Hopefully the management would agree.


Hi Mr Kamal!

Hello! I'm doing pretty awesome. Just really stoked about my fyp! =)
I'm starting school next month!
And I feel kinda weird lah kan.
You're still schooling? I tot i read in you blog that you're working for Herbalife now, no?

Haha. Where are you schooling now?
Haha. Yah, I'm still working, ery very part time. You know, some people can be REALLY fickle minded about whether they wana lose weight. How can they be, I mean, if that's what you want then you must do all you can to lose weight what! Hahahaha.

I enrolled for Diploma in International Tourism at BMC.
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