Monday, May 26, 2008


So after 6 weeks of meddling with Linux and Red Hat, I decided that enough was enough. Screw this shit, I told myself. I'm gonna do something that I have at least some experience in. Something that I've been meaning to do but have only been able to complete small projects due to lack of time and capital for the resources. Something fun. Something totally unrelated to the boring and geeky world of aerospace. Something to do with guitar, or any instrument-level music device, and it's signal manipulation.

Bingo. I'll do guitar effects! But first I would have to convince my group and my supervisor. Persuading the former was easy. We all were dead desperate after 6 weeks of doing close to nothing anyway. Convincing the latter was surprisingly effortless too. He was very welcoming towards my idea. I dare say that he supported it too after I showed him some schematics, PCB artwork and pedals that I brought from home. He then asked me to write a formal proposal and a informal budget list, which I promptly handed in later in the afternoon.

If all goes well, we should be etching the 8 PCBs by next week and then populating the boards the following week.

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Build me a slow gear. I'll do a test run :D and whine about my shoes being the reason as to why the pedals don't work.

+10 for anyone who knows the reference.
Yes we're considering the slow gear!

That, together with a phase 90 modded to 45 specs, a delay, fuzz and a 4-5 knob tremolo are in the works!

p.s. it's all in the shoes. that together with the way he took the penalty ala beckham. :p
whoa 8 PCBs?

are you building a multi effect?

Nope. We're doing strictly single effects. A/D D/A conversions and DSPs in multifx are way too complex for me to grasp. :P
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