Saturday, May 10, 2008

Killswitch guitar mod

So while bouncing around in cyberspace, I chanced upon a killswitch mod for guitar. The schem looked so simple. I just needed an On-On DPDT switch, which I remembered taking from one of my school's lab. Heated the soldering iron up, stripped some wires and off I go. Took me about 6 minutes to solder everything up. Pictures below.
Yes, those thick wires are 18 awg. I replaced the flimsy 24 awg that came with the guitar with those 18 awg some time back. I swear stripping those 18's would have given me arthritis in my wrists if I'd done them on a daily basis. Much to my expectation, the killswitch works. Sadly, I didn't have a drill to drill a hole through the control plate to mount the killswitch there. So, after half an hour of wanking with it, I took everything apart.


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