Friday, May 30, 2008


Taken from Tiara's blog:

i didnt get in to any of hte local university. NOT even teaching. Man. Well, thats the result of getting average grades. I'm happy for the rest of my friends who made it though. =) I guess God has something else planned for me. As long as I do well in the future is all that matters.

I'm no more angry or sad. Just thankful. Thats all.

No one can imagine my delight upon reading her post. It seems that the whore's finally getting what she deserves. Ouh yea sure God has something else planned for you, but none of it involves you being successful in life. It's probably more along the lines of letting your bf impregnate you and then getting abandoned by your ultra-conservative folks, leaving you homeless and with no one else to turn to except for your sorry excuse for a bf who got you into that shit anyway. And that's not even the worse case scenario. What if he leaves you? After all, given the circumstances, who wouldn't? Nobody stays in love with a hypocrite for very long. Plus, what's a good-looking guy doing with a scrap project like you? Sure, you looked stunning when I was ravaging your pussy in SunPlaza Park two years ago. But as I look at your current photos, I can't help but bletch at your increasing ugliness. And should your decline follow the y=3-x graph, you would reach your hideous trough about a year from now, about the same time that your Mr Wonderful would stick his ding-dong (you even gave pet names to penises yea, you horny fuck) into you and cum deep inside your used pussy. Just what Mr. Lee Boon Haw ordered huh? His former head prefect venturing into the world of single motherhood at a pathetic young age.


Hate to say I told you so.....
I mean, yeah, told you about the looks department.

but nooooooo you moped about.

Something made you open your eyes and I know it isn't Alter Bridge.
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