Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sp pool gym.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel as shagged today as I expected myself to be after yesterday's events. But my thighs were a little sore, probably the result of forgetting to warm-up and cool-down the day before. Not sore enough to keep me from running though. I did a 3k loop around SP under the freaking hot noon sun before quickly heading to the pool gym to do the remaining 4.33k. Did some upper body work afterwards at the various stations.

Did I mention how awesome the pool gym is? They have a medicine ball. A fucking medicine ball!! Core work-outs here I come!! The gym is 4.37 times better than the one at T14. There's much more stations here in the pool gym but the downside is the overwhelming crowd. There's so many Big Papa Pumps here grunting their guts out that my embarrassment for them outweighs the initial intimidation.

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