Thursday, May 22, 2008


I always look forward to Wednesdays. Just two hours of lessons at 10. Then, it's off to play.

Lumbered on the 'dread-mill' at 2pm. I hate those things, but between running under Singapore's hellish sun and running in the uncomfortably cold 20 deg C gym, I'd take the latter anytime.

Then I met Esther, Yusof and Mansur for volleyball at 330pm. I learned how to jump and spike the ball. I learned that Germaine's a freshie in DBAT and that she's got cuteness written all over her tiny frame.

Volleyball ended at 5.30pm. Yusof, Mansur and me went to the gym. I did some upper body work. I felt that I was beginning to neglect my core workouts. Ouh well, there's always another day for crunches and sit-ups and side bridges and flutter kicks. We went to the SP pool afterwards and contemplated about hitting the pool. We didn't, opting for a hot shower there instead.

Can't wait for next Wednesday!


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