Saturday, June 07, 2008


No, mrmisse didn't agree to sponsor the 3PDTs. Instead, he offered to sell it to us at 2/3 of the price. $10 a pop. Pricey, but they are dead reliable. I found an ebay store selling 15 pieces for USD60, but they're of the generic MIT type, not as reliable as the EHX ones mrmisse is offering us. Or should I just go the path of DPDT and a separate millennium bypass board. I haven't done the math of which is going to cost more, but going the path of DPDT is going to require additional pcb space, a small off-board thing with a 2n3906, a 10k resistor and an LED.

I completed the pcb artwork for the 7 effects already. Just waiting for T12 basement lab to open then we can start etching them.


not so witty are you on msn? why block me? just delete. even better. go on. do it. it'll make you feel better.
Already did, honey.
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What the fuck? Why was my comment deleted by me? Shit, I didn't do anything!

Anyways, go and buy from Mr Misse, it's faster(I assume). Shipping and handling charges for your stuff through eBay = not fucking worth the wait and money.

You might just fail your FYP just cause you're waiting for them to arrive.
thank you. im saved now.
Shipping only about two weeks max right?
The ebay shop I'm ordering from says that shipping is free. (But obviously they just add it to product's final price..)
Shipping is free if you're from the free world of US. In Singapore, you PAY! In Soviet Russia, they pay you for shipping!

That's how it goes, mah brudda.
holy shit.

that's alot of components

Kamal has the coolest FYP I ever heard. :D
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