Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Singapore Sale

Aibi had a promotion on dumbbells. I had to upgrade my current ones too. Perfect timing. Sony DSC-T2. U.P $520-ish? Bought it for $399. Nego-ed the guy to throw in an extra battery and a 2GB memory stick. Pretty fair considering my sis bought her DSLR from him too. Slide-out What? Only 4 buttons? How the hell am I going to access all the fea.. Relax.. It's touchscreen babeh!!

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I seriously hate you now.

Look behind you when you walk back nowadays. I'll cut off your nipples and sell them.
Ok after looking at the cam again...that's quite a bad technology scheme. Not to be a wet blanket..but imagine you taking photos of your sweaty self after exercising, then you touch the screen.

It'd be oily...of course you can wipe,but over time grime will form.
And that's where screen protectors come in.

I feel it's a technological advancement.

Less buttons = Less moving parts = Less chance your camera would cock up
d camera is one hot stuff uhh. sexaaayyeee.((:

You will suffer... The flash sucks... Sony always sucks when it comes to the flashes...
Ya, hard to get the flash's intensity right. Sometimes I get white-wash.
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