Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taking calorie-counting a little too far

Monologue from this morning

So 1/3 of the baguette should be 150 calories. And if I add 1/2 a can of Ayam Brand's Salmon Spread, the total calorie count would be 310. What if I add two tomatoes and a cup of celery into the mix? Would the calories from this DIY Subway-esque sandwich make up for the calories burnt after my 45 minutes of circuit training half an hour ago? Shit, maybe I should shred cheese on everything and pop it into the toaster. Hmm.. can't seem to find the nutritional guide anywh.. Ouh, here it is. Holy hell! 67 calories just for a slice of cheese?! Ah, but the protein content is pretty decent. Hmm a hard-boiled egg and mayo combo would settle nicely on top of.. Uh-uh no way.. Eggs, yes. But mayo is a straight-up no-no. But hard-boiled egg on it's own? Urgh.. Maybe I could go old -school and drench soy sause on.. OI! You're making a sandwich for fuck's sake! Ouh ya hor.. Lemme see what's else is in the fridge. Ah, coldslaw dressing. I wonder if it goes well with eggs. Last time I poured it over fried chicken, the resulting concoction was awesomely delicious. Ouh well, no harm trying I guess.

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yeaaaaaaa. mayo has a huge amount of calories. hahaha.
As said by Yusri Malmsteen,"That's fockin' scrumptious!".
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