Friday, July 04, 2008

Everything, All at once

After 2 pussy-less years, I finally got someone to call 'dear'. Things should have gone smoothly, and we would be married after 5 years of courtship, with a house and 4 children to call our own. But no, life would never let me off easy. Instead, it threw me a 15 year old teen. She falls in love with me, and then tells me so. What is a hot-blooded 17 year old guy to do? I was torn between conscience and the need to satisfy my insatiable horniness. And if that wasn't enough, life mortared yet another girl at me. A brash, rude, boyish but strangely attractive girl whose age would have deemed me a peadophile right away. I liked her, but I knew that there was no way in hell we could be together. 5 year differences are acceptable in adult courtship but in my opinion, it is not during teenage courtship. Still, that didn't stop me from spending time with her.

The time spent watching movies with 15-year-old-teen and teaching guitar to brash-rude-and-boyish drove me further and further away from dear. My mind got deeply engrossed with thoughts about fucking the other two that I didn't realise the awesome girl that I already have. Needless to say, she left me. Then, like a Shakesperean tragedy, 15-year-old teen vanished and not long after, brash-rude-and-boyish left for Vietnam. I lost everything, all at once.

I don't understand why life had to give me 2 pussy-less years before handing me 3 girls. Why couldn't they be spread out over the 2 years? The need for a 2 year hiatus? I have no fucking clue.

And if its not about girls, it's about bands. I was band-less since Oct 08. And now, I'm in 3 bands already. And there's also a jamming improv try-out see-what-you-can-add-to-make-the-sound bigger thingy with the Dualtone girl. I have no idea if I'm going for that one. I'm tired. I have no money for Sunday's jamming with Sal's band. I'm hungry. My throat hurts from downing soft drinks. I realise I'm still in love with Tiara. I'm so fucking sleepy. I'm not going to school tomorrow. I wanna play XBOX 360 and guitar for the whole fucking day!

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October 07 not 08.

Timetravelling foo'!
is your xbox 360 modded?
It's not modded.
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