Saturday, July 19, 2008

I need new running shoes

My Mizuno Precision 8's have been serving me well so far. I absolutely adore it's low ride height and the racer-like lightweight properties that it exhibits. Cursed with a supinator's feet (high-arched), I needed more cushioning than a neutral or mild/heavy pronator's feet. However, my light body weight meant that I did not require much cushioning to begin with. The Mizuno Wave Precision 8's provided the just the right amount of cushioning. Also, due to it's light weight, I can effortlessly floor it if someone tries to engage in a friendly mid-run race with me. Hur hur..

Just recently, my Mizuno Wave Precision 8's has just breached the 800km mark. I would need to get a new running shoe asap. I would probably be getting another Wave Precision 8, or maybe something similar to the characteristic that the Wave Precision 8 has. And if money permits, I won't mind blowing it on a racer. Saucony's Grid Kilkenny XC2 looks so fucking yummy!
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