Friday, July 11, 2008


Running and cycling are as different as day and night. They require the use of different types of muscles and burn different amounts of calories for the same time period of activity. That being said, your ability to run 15km with normal to minimal effort doesn't mean that you'll be able to come out of a 15km bike ride unscathed.

Now I'm left with the undesired effects of over-training: Injury. The nagging pain in my left calf hinders me from clocking my running mileage. I only managed a 9.3km run on the treadmill in school this week. The run felt great, but it made walking a nightmare after that. And apparently the gym had a no sweating rule too. Wow. Stick your ass in a treadmill for 50 minutes and try to stop yourself from perspiring.

I hope the injury clears up by Sunday. I'm gonna stop running until then to let everything heal. If this injury takes a downward spiral, I'll stop running altogether and bulk up to get the 20 inch biceps that running would not allow me to have. Hah.


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