Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Left calf feels ok

I agreed to meet up with Wen Bao at 8am at SP's track. In typical 'janji Melayu' fashion, he arrived at 9. Don't ask how a Chinese could inherit this 'janji Melayu' disease. While waiting for his fat ass to arrive, I did some core exercises and ogled at two dragonboat chicks going through their repertoire of push-ups and sit-ups in between sets. Girls with muscles are hot. Geeky girls with muscles are sizzling.

I did 16 laps on lane 8. Wen Bao did 2, only because the southside of his right foot was cut up as a result of the friction between that area and the shoe due to him wearing too low a sock. My left calf felt good during the run, but most importantly it felt normal after it. I'm so glad I rested, albeit with much conflict with my inner competitive side.


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