Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Last year's event was a complete fiasco, a combination of a bad running route (2 choke-points), lazy route marshals and a disgusting baggage storage system. All that, coupled with the fact that drizzles turned the Bedok Reservoir part of the route into a wet and muddy swamp, made for a bad race experience.

I was hesitant about joining this race again this year, but I just signed up because the venue is just a 10 min walk from my home. I can safely say that the organizers have redeemed themselves. They changed the route, so instead of exiting TP via the gates facing the reservoir, we exited through the gates near the street soccer courts and turned left to run the perimeter of the polytechnic before going u-turning into the asphalt section of the reservoir. Things were pretty tight during the first 7 minutes, probably due to the narrow path. I saw other runners spilling into the adjacent road and thought I would be better off running there than on this narrow path I was on.

There were only 2 waterpoints along the whole route, not that it mattered to me because it was only a 10k. I loved the 2 groups of cheerleaders from ACJC that were there to spur us on. Yummy.

So I got two Sub-1 10Ks already. I should start training for a sub-50. =D
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